• When my mum died, she weighed two hundred and sixty two kilograms.

    As a kid, I never understood why she couldn’t come for parent teacher interviews, or school plays, or even pick me up. It’d always be a nan […]

  • Everyone in town knew what Missy Mulroney was. She didn’t try to hide it. She walked around town teetering unsteadily on a pair of black patent heels, makeup smeared across her face and eyes unfocused. She was a c […]

  • As a toddler, I had never understood why Mommy was ashamed of me. Of course, she wasn’t my real parent, but the innocent mind of a six-year-old saw no difference; my stepmother, evidently, saw many.

    After D […]

  • I take a step back from the banner I’m hanging and smile. In large purple block letters it reads “Happy Virus Appreciation Day!” The students begin to enter and I smile at them as well.

    “Happy Virus Appreci […]