Drekavac, a legend from the Balkans


What I am about to tell you is a legend. It is not very well known, but it is terrifying.

This is a legend from South Slavs. Our folklore is various, from good natured creatures to those who are not.

Drekavac is not on of the good natured. It’s name is explanation for him. Drekavac means screamer.

It cannot be seen. Only in extremely rare ocassion. But you can hear it. Every night, from dusk till dawn it screams.

It’s screams are like babies mixed with wolf howling. Its scream tears down mountains, stops water in creeks. It fills every last one of your bones with terror and dread. It scarrs you, forever.

People can not describe it. They say it is skinny, some say it has fur. Some say when it leans on you, it leaves a sticky mark on you.

People say that it announces death. That he is in pain, in agony and that he will not stop wandering until he finds peace.

It is afraid of light. He leads people astray from paths as he lives in woods. He jumps on people’s backs and rides them until the morning.

He makes them run all night until they dont know where they are.

Dogs are scared of it. They whimper and cry at dusk in small villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

People have encountered it. One man says he was out in the dusk gathering hay for his sheeps. Then he felt unease, that he couldnt describe. A high pitched scream tore through they valley.

He felt that that scream could tear down mountains.

Then, behind the falling sun, he saw a creature on the roof. It was like a 2 year old child in size. He then leapt from the roof and ran off. The sheeps were jumping out of their places, horses too.

It is demonic and sinister. In the books it’s said that one quarter of the day is given to monsters. Somewhere from midnight until dawn. When you hear hen’s making their cry at midnight, men should not come out. It is then monster time.

Only when a hen screams out in the dawn, it is safe for men.

Many people believe in it. You can look it up on youtube. We, Slavs have many tales and legends. They are not famous, but they are scary.

Its the scariest creature you can meet in small hours. When the world is quiet so the scream is better heard. Its only intent is to scare you uuntil you fear every shadow.

Not many men have seen it, but those who didh have no idea where they have met it.

You can meet it at a place far away from a town or a city. All alone it will come to you.

They will hunt your dreams from midnight to dawn. They will ride you until your legs bleed and until you faint from exhaustion. What lives in shadows can not be seen. Only heard.

As a scream fills out the valley, tearing down hopes of safety and sleepful nights.

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