@   M I P O  私はヘビでここで楽しい時間を過ごしている ☦ ☦ ☦ 1


My first experience with MIPO started in 1998 when I worked for a web design company named Softlite. My job was essentially to design templates for company websites in anticipation of the millenium, trying to make interfaces that would still stand the test of time in the next few years. Back than we were all afraid of the Y2K bug, a glitch in some early desktop computers that could supposedly destroy data when the internal clock reached the date 01,01,2000. Our boss was especially afraid of this but refused to update our ridiculously outdated computer systems as he was a massive penny counter and a huge asshole. Our computers were hooked up to a linked Intranet that allowed us to mutually exchange files to any other user, though we were advised often not to share files of a personal nature in countless emails of an infamously funny nature. All you had to do was know the number of the computer and through a 1996 application called Pegdrop you could send files almost anonymously, though we found later that you could find trace information of time and date if you looked into a computer’s temporary files.


My friend Dave was a pretty regular guy, he liked to play computer chess and break time and we would often do this if we had time over lunch. We lived on opposite floors at Softlite but knew each other from a previous company, so every now and again we’d go for a beer after work. Often he’d tell me about the funny stuff people would post to each other on Pegdrop, like images of funny dogs or Mspaints of the boss. One day somebody on Dave’s floor who’s name I forget got fired for sending Internet porn across the network via Pegdrop, sending it to a female colleague who didn’t get the joke – if that’s indeed what it was – and reported him for being a creep.


So later Dave told me over beer that this old guy looked embarrassed as hell but generally denied that it was him and back then nobody knew how to find out which computer it was sent from, so he was kind of fired without trial. I asked Dave what the image was and he told me that because he sat just a few chairs down, only he, the girl and another guy saw it before the boss deleted it. He said it was a black and white image, quite large, of some kind of girl in a dark room, quite pixelated in the middle like it was badly compressed. She seemed to have a white cloth or curtain covering her face, like she was pulling it over her head. The image was totally blurred but you could make out that it was explicit, her legs bent in a strange position and her breasts exposed.

Dave said the image was like nothing he’d seen on the Internet yet and that he wasn’t surprised when the guy got fired. I asked if the image was still in the guys files, but Dave told me he’d already checked and found everything had been deleted from that day. The guy apparently took a huge box of floppy disks with him as well, so it might have been something he’d taken back with him. We simply assumed he was a weirdo who probably got what he deserved. The story Dave told me was strange but I literally thought nothing of it until a few months later in September that year when I received an image sent to me via Pegdrop. The image popped up as a single jpeg file in the window  ‘ M I P O  私はヘビでここで楽しい時間を過ごしている ☦ ☦ ☦ 1’ with a whole bunch of Japanese characters. Immediately my mind stepped back to the guy being fired and at first I was cautious to open it but eventually curiosity got the better of me and, when nobody was looking, I did.

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