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  • Alex wrote a new post, Tragic Amusement Park Accidents 1 year, 3 months ago

    Theme parks are designed to scare and thrill. With dizzying heights and enormous speed, it’s easy to understand why many of us avoid them by choice. Although they are often completely safe, on rare occasions t […]

  • Since the development of DNA profiling, getting away with a crime has become a lot less common. Despite this, even in recent times there have been crimes committed with no solid suspects. There are many high […]

  • Many of us struggle with the concept of creepy crawlies. Most of us in the cooler climates tend to have it quite easy but for our unfortunate friends in South America, Africa and Oceania; the bugs are huge, weird […]

  • Call me boring, but there’s nothing I love more than a good museum. The thing that draws most of us to them is the desire to learn something new and interesting; but there are reasons why every horror lover […]

  • Many of us enjoy a spooky tale, but when the story is true, it can be a little more unnerving. Documentaries help us to understand the world around us and the people we share it with, even if the stories are […]

  • We know so little about the deepest parts of our planet’s oceans that we are constantly learning and discovering more about it. The deepest parts are around seven miles below the surface. It is so dark and u […]

  • There are many abandoned places around the world that are perfect for giving even the most seasoned horror fans the heebie-jeebies. The most infamous is of course Pripyat, Ukraine, the abandoned town that […]