Stories of the World’s Haunted Hospitals


Just the run down buildings of old hospitals are enough to give many of us goosebumps.  Since many people die in hospitals, it’s easy to understand why people feel a presence inside that they can’t describe. This is particularly the case with psychiatric hospitals. It is a known fact that patients were taken care of terribly before we were able to understand how to successfully treat mental health conditions.
Is there a reason why abandoned hospitals naturally make us feel uneasy, or have we all been made to believe a myth? 

St Bartholomew’s Hospital- London, England

St Bartholomew’s hospital is the oldest hospital in the UK, inside the beautiful building is a particularly badly behaved lift. It is reported that multiple doctors and nurses have used this lift in the daytime and despite an uneasy feeling have had no problems. At night however, the lift often refuses to do as it is supposed to. If a person selects any floors above, the lights go out, and the lift slowly takes the occupant down to the basement where it stops working completely. When the occupant leaves the lift in order to use the stairs, the lift comes back to life and follows them floor by floor. The lift has now earned the chilling nickname ‘the coffin lift’. It is thought that a nurse was murdered in the basement and her spirit controls the lift in the early hours of the morning. Many staff now avoid the lift at all costs.

Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital- South Korea

Sometimes, you can just tell when a building has bad energy. In the case of Gonjiam, it is mind blowing to think that this hospital was still operational up until 1995. Just from the outside alone, it looks completely derelict. The story of Gonjiam Hospital is chilling. It is believed that the owner of the hospital was suffering from mental illness himself. He kept many of his patients prisoner and it is believed he murdered both staff and patients within the hospital. When the large number of deaths were investigated, he fled to America and the hospital was shut down. It has now become a destination for thrill seekers, but many leave the building quickly once the shadows start to move and they feel scratches on their skin.

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